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Lobos Should Have Another Potent Lineup

The last two seasons the Lobos have missed getting an invite to the NCAA Tournament by a hair. In fact, I feel they were jobbed in one of those years (2013) as they had quite an exciting team. But, they barely missed winning 40 games and that seems to be the standard, just ask Nevada. Oh, wait, they won 40 games and didn't go. Geez, don't you just love the NCAA and post season conference tournaments? I don't.

Andre Vigil is getting a shot to start in the outfield
Andre Vigil is getting a shot to start in the outfield
New Mexico Athletics

New Mexico boasts a strong and young lineup

There's a bit of an absence for this lineup. Last year the Lobos boasted three freshmen AA's but one is missing. Catcher Cory Voss apparently has transferred out to a JUCO in Texas. Why? I have no idea and I ain't one to pry.

Below is my guess at the starting lineup and rotation.

1B - Jack Zoellner (JR) - .352 and 4
2B - Jared Holley (SR) - .254 and 1
SS - Dalton Bowers (SR) - .218 and 1
3B - Carl Stajduhar (SO) - .322 and 9 and Freshman AA. Preseason AA.
OF - Danny Collier (JR) - .346
OF - Andre Vigil (JR) - .268
OF - Luis Gonzalez (SO) - .299 and 4

SP - Tyler Stevens (SO) - 5-4 and 3.44 and Freshman AA.
SP - Carson Schneider (JR) - 5-1 and 3.68
SP - Colton Thomson (SR) - 1-1 and 4.39

Coach's lineup is as follows:

C - Chris Devito (JR)/Scott Graham (SO) - .314 and 6/.211
1B - Carl Stajduhar
2B - Michael Eaton (SR) - redshirt
SS - Dalton Bowers
3B - Jared Mang (FR)
OF - Austin Bell (FR)
OF - Luis Gonzalez
OF - Danny Collier/Andre Vigil
DH - Jack Zoellner

SP - Tyler Stevens
SP - Carson Schneider
SP - Colton Thomson
SP - Drew Bridges (SR) - 0-0 and 9.00 with 12 IP.
RP - Victor Sanchez (SR)/James Harrington (SO) - 1-4 and 6.96/1-1 7.11

Well, I didn't miss by much. Coach helped me fill in the holes and surprised me with two freshman starters. Actually he has a pretty good history of starting freshmen and getting good production from them. Last year's 3 Freshman AA is a good example of that.

If the two freshman come through the Lobos will have a potent offense. Stevens and Schneider look pretty solid in the rotation but the midweek starter could be anyone, really. Closer looks to be a question mark also. It's always about pitching.