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San Jose State football: Spartans hire Ron English as defensive coordinator

Former Eastern Michigan head coach being brought on to Spartans staff.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

According to, Ron English has found a new home as the San Jose State defensive coordinator. English, who previously held the same position at the University of Louisville and the University of Michigan, was fired from Eastern Michigan University in 2013 from the head coaching position, and has not coached since.

English, who was fired from EMU back in 2013 for this rant, has said that he has "refocused" and wants to get back in to coaching after that embarrassing audio tape of his rant with homophobic slurs. He once was a very highly regarded defensive coordinator, but his image and reputation has been thrown away due to this mistake.

It looks like that the Spartans are going to give him another shot as a college coach.

English will be replacing former San Jose State defensive coordinator Greg Robinson after it was announced that he will be retiring. One of the more popular names that first emerged for the open position was in-house defensive backs and recruiting ace Donte Williams.

Williams was a hot potential candidate as he has been with Caragher for three years. While coaching the secondary, the Spartans pass defense has been one of the biggest strengths of the team, ranking first in the nation in pass yards allowed. However, the great Spartans recruiter he took the same job coaching the secondary with the Arizona Wildcats.