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Rick Pitino opens up a little bit more about the UNLV rumors

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino joined ESPN 93.9 in Louisville and he touches on other college coaching jobs when asked about the UNLV opening.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino does not like to address other jobs in season, but with him not giving a straight answer on his name being reportedly connected to the UNLV opening the question will still come up when he makes his media appearances.

He joined ESPN 93.9 in Louisville to discuss many things, and of course the UNLV job came up.

Here is the full transcript on the answer from Card Chronicle:

In the last 15 years, I've had three job offers: one was a general manager's job, another was a would I be interested in talking to them as a candidate in the pros, the other was television. In all three instances I said, "no I'm not interested, I don't want to waste your time."

So I spoke to the people and never went to Tom. The first person who I'm going to contact, besides my wife, is Tom Jurich if there's any interest in any job for me. In 15 years there hasn't been any interest. So why should I step up and refute any rumors or anything at all? Well, because they say "we're going through some tough times, difficult times, so you might want to," but I'm not going to do that, because the University of Louisville has been very loyal to me, and I have been very loyal to them.

This is a top five job in the nation. It is monetarily, it is tradition, it is facilities, it is league -- it is a top five job. So when I leave some day, whatever coach they want, they're going to get. I don't have to answer to anything right now except Florida State. I don't want to have to, in mid-January, answer those questions and refute it. I'm at the University of Louisville -- and that's not putting down any other program that may open -- this is the University of Louisville. A coach should not have to, in January, answer to anything at all because he's focused in on Florida State.

What would Bill Belichick say if you asked him two weeks ago if he was interested in going back to the Giants?

The comment was really not commenting specifically about the UNLV opening, but until he says he is not interested or the report was false, as his son Richard Pitino said about the Rebels opening, this could be a lingering question hanging over the program.

Pitino is right in saying that Louisville is one of the best jobs in the country, and they are just a few years away from winning the 2013 national title.

Listen to the Pitino remarks about UNLV begins after the 12 minute mark.