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Boise State football: Defensive coordinator Marcel Yates is considered for same job with Arizona

This is what happens when a school from a non-power league has success, coaches will be lost.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Boise State could be losing both of their coordinators this off season. The Broncos already lost offensive coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz N.C. State last week. Now they might be losing defensive coordinator Marcel Yates. According to multiple reports, Yates is "emerging as a leading candidate" to take the same position with the Arizona Wildcats.

Yates has been the defensive coordinator for the Broncos over the previous two seasons and has had a big hand in recruiting for Boise State. His defense was No. 2 and No. 4 in total defense in the conference the previous two years, but his biggest contribution might be in the secondary where the Broncos had 22 interceptions in each of the previous two years.

This would be a big loss if Yates does head back to a power conference, prior to coming to Boise State we has the co-defensive coordinator at Texas A&M.

Losing a coach this late in the process and less than a few weeks from national signing day is a big deal, and there is the real possibility that some recruits might follow Yates to Arizona, that is if he does indeed go to Tucson.

Any hiring by Arizona can not be made official until the job has been posted for 10 days and that would be on Saturday.