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Doug Gottlieb wants to be the head coach at UNLV

CBS Sports' Doug Gottlieb made his case for being the next head coach at UNLV, and hopefully UNLV Athletic Director Tina Kunzer-Murphy was listening.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Gottlieb, a CBS Sports analyst and radio host, went on ESPN Las Vegas 1100/100.9 and was asked if he would be interested in being the head coach at UNLV.

"Absolutely", he responded.

Gottlieb was quite candid in what he believes it would take to be successful as the head of the Runnin' Rebels, and demonstrated that he has a great understanding of the school and the Las Vegas market.  The most fascinating aspect of the interview, heard here, and is worth the listen, is that he already has a plan for his assistants, namely his brother Gregg Gottlieb who is an assistant at Oregon State.

As a college basketball analyst, former Division I and professional point guard, Gottlieb is likely as strong as any coach out there when it comes to the X's and O's aspect of the college basketball game. His weakness, at least in the eyes of Athletic Directors and fans, lies in the fact that he has zero coaching experience at the college level.

Having his brother Greg on the staff would go a long way in alleviating any concerns. Greg has spent the last eight years as a successful assistant coach and recruiter in the Pac-12 and prior to that he was an assistant coach for Steve Fisher for eight years at San Diego State University where he helped build that program into what it is today.

With the UNLV Athletic Director, boosters and fans, looking for the flashy hire at the coaching position, Doug will need to have a coach of Greg's pedigree, and likely need a big name former player (fingers crossed for Larry Johnson) on board if he is going to garner any consideration for the position.