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Rain is causing Wyoming’s special teams issues

A ten-point swing due to rain and special teams errors.

There is rain, and we mean a lot of rain in the Poinsettia Bowl. This down pour is causing issues for both BYU and Wyoming.

However, it has cost Wyoming points in this game. First, there was a snap that could not be caught on a punt attempt which went right through the punters hand. BYU took over the ball inside the five-yard line and then scored just a few plays later.

Wyoming then picked off BYU’s Tanner Mangum and moved the ball into field goal range, but that snap and hold was shaky and resulted in an errant through and turning the ball over to the Cougars.

The end result was Wyoming giving up 10 points and that is the difference in this game at the half after BYU drove down the field to kick a field goal to lead 10-0 at the break.