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Hawaii potentially replacing Baylor in a Match-Up down under with Cal?

The Rainbow Warriors are potentially linked to take part in the first "Fosters Shrimp on the Barbie Bowl" in Australia in 2016

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Note that is not the official title, I'm just an idiot saying stupid stuff.

The college football world perked its ears up upon hearing of a potential contest in Australia to start the 2016 season, with California and Baylor rummored to be the participants back in June. After some time passed, the proposed contest down under was called off according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy.

And then it supposedly came back to life.

And now Baylor is no longer connected to the Australia contest...instead, it's Hawaii-Cal that could be playing overseas to open 2016.

First off, moment of silence for the stat-porn fest that would've been Baylor vs. Cal. There is a very good chance the final of that game would've been 77-74 or something like that. Seth Russell and Jared Goff probably would've combined for 1,000-something yards in the air. In the time it is taking me to type this sentence, two touchdown passes would've been thrown by each team.

Lot of offense, you get it.

Second, I think opening the season with a Pac-12 opponent for the seventh year in a row definitely prepares the Rainbow Warriors for the rest of the season better than an FCS Matchup in Honolulu would. The exposure of playing overseas could bring some good press and coverage to UH leading up to the game. Also, neutral site match-up is more appealing to some teams than paying one to fly out to the islands for a home-and-home.

What do you think of the Rainbow Warriors potentially matching up with the Golden Bears in Australia?