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PODCAST: Week 1 Mountain West football recap

Jeremy is joined by Parker this week to recap the first week of Mountain West football.

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We were testing out a new way to record -- yes again -- so I apologize for some spike in the volumes.

The first week of Mountain West play featured eight games against FCS teams, but the good news is that the majority of those bad games are out of the way and we can now focus on good matchups.

We do comment on each game, hence the show is an hour long, to discuss what we learned. First off, there is no more use of Bohl-ing puns until Wyoming gets within one game of bowl eligibility. Utah State has a lot of work to do if they are to upset Utah this weekend.

Colorado State may not take a big step down as Nick Stevens proved to be a very good quarterback, but again that is against a bad FCS school.

UNLV might be on the rise, and is there concern with Boise State and their second half struggles against Washington?

And for good measure, to make it 100 percent clear: yes, we are biased against your team.

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