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Mountain West officials made the right call between Hawaii, Colorado

The Mountain West officials commented on the ending of the Colorado vs. Hawaii game.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The end of the Hawaii vs. Colorado game saw a miscue from the officials where a tossed ball could not be spotted on time and not allow Colorado a chance to get a touchdown and then a two-point conversion to force overtime.

Colorado drove down to the Warriors 6-yard line when quarterback Sefo Luifau completed a pass to Phillip Lindsay with 14 seconds left, but then this happened.

The Mountain West came out on Friday to announce that the right call was made to have the clock run out and let the game come to an end, and the Hawaii player did not purposely get in the way.

"After a thorough review via the standard procedures of the Mountain West/CFO West infrastructure, it has been determined the MW officiating crew employed the appropriate mechanics on the final play of the Colorado at Hawai'i game and were in no way deficient in the proper execution of their responsibilities," the Mountain West told ESPN. "There is also no evidence the Hawai'i player intentionally interfered with the placement of the ball and thus no action by rule was warranted."