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Utah State vs. Southern Utah will be broadcast on live stream

Utah State has a creative way to stream their season opener against Southern Utah

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

For those upset for not being able to see Utah State's home opener against Southern Utah, well thee is now a creative way to be able to stream the game online. Utah State has had a construction camera over the summer to live stream the construction renovations, and students contacted the university to see if that camera angle could be adjusted and used to stream the game, and that is now happening.

There will be alternate methods than going directly to the original Maverik camera link to off load the server so that the stream does not crash, and they are expected to be on YouTube but the specifics are not there. Server space has been increased on the original feed to also help the stream from crashing.

The reason for this game not being streamed in the first place is the lack of high-definition equipment, but with fans clamoring to watch this game anyway possible do not be surprised if Utah State seriously considers looking into upgrading their equipment to meet the streaming standards that the Mountain West requires..

For those wanting to see Chuckie Keeton in his final season opener for the Aggies, your wish has been granted.