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Nevada vs. Texas A&M: Get to know the Aggies

Nevada has a tough matchup against Texas A&M this weekend, so get to know the Aggies.

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The Texas A&M vs. Nevada game will probably result in a loss for the Wolf Pack, but stranger things have happened, so to get to know this Aggies team we reached out to Good Bull Hunting to find out who this team is.

1.  Nevada uses a pistol/option attack on offense and usually has success moving the ball on the ground with multiple players, what is the early prognosis of Texas A&M's rush defense?

Aggie fans are historically obsessed with good defense. They think about the nasty defenses of the 80's and 90's in College Station and the havoc wreaked with a twinkle in their eyes. For most of the last 15 years, A&M has had mediocre to downright awful defenses - 2014 being one of the worst. In comes John Chavis as DC from LSU and he opens with a demolition of Arizona State. Naturally, the Aggie diehards are totally nuts right now.

HOWEVA - I am still in wait-n-see mode - especially as it pertains to the run defense. Ball State's one dimensional offense piled up 240 yards on the ground last week. A&M needs depth and consistency. Personally, I grew up with the WAC-MWC in Fort Collins and have seen enough kickass Nevada offense to be nervous. I love the pistol. I think the Wolfpack will rip off its share of big ground gains.

2. Texas A&M is obviously the better team but with Dave Christensen on staff and he is familiar with Nevada during his time as Wyoming's head coach, what does he bring to the run game and that familiarity of the Wolf Pack?

Good question. Based on how Wyoming fans felt about Christensen, I just got a little more nervous. That typed, I think he'll be able to sit down with the A&M defensive staff and give some solid insider wisdom. Christensen knows scheme and offensive line play inside and out, and I'm sure Sumlin has leaned on him to work the Aggie defense hard in scrimmage and game situations this week.

3. Brian Polian came from Texas A&M before Nevada, what impact did he have on the team during his time there at College Station?

Polian was extremely well liked in College Station. He brings structure and discipline to a football program along with generations of exceptional football wisdom. He's coached everywhere under some amazing coaches and is still very young. He is also a massive reason why Sumlin was able to recruit so well out of the gate when his tenure in College Station began. I think Nevada is very fortunate to have him as their head coach.

4. What would it take for Texas A&M to not win this game?

I'd like to thank Auburn for getting the hell scared out of themselves and Arkansas outright losing to Toledo. Hearty reminders of how nuts college football is. What would it take for A&M to lose? Start out very flat and sloppy in a groggy 11 AM Kyle Field. The first half quietly bleeds out and the score is within a touchdown. Then it's on. Nevada is playing confident with nothing to lose. Essentially, it's distracted college kids playing against college kids ready to set the world on fire. A&M gets absolutely gashed on the ground and Polian plays keep-away. It's not that far-fetched.

5. Game prediction?

I don't believe the aforementioned will happen. I think Kyle Allen will have a big day at quarterback and the Ags will coast to a 50-17 win.