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Week 2 Mountain West football rankings: Air Force, Utah State make a move

Boise State is still the top team but they are far from a unanimous pick.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The top team is still Boise State in the latest power rankings, but there is a lot of movement from the first week edition. Despite losing to BYU, the Broncos still own the top spot but it is close with a surging Air Force who is now 2-0. Of the 13 first-place votes, Boise State and Air Force split those with Utah State earning the final first place nod.

A few interesting notes is that despite Hawaii losing 38-0 to No. 1 Ohio State, they actually moved up from 11 to the eighth spot.  Part of that has to be with how bad Fresno State lost and also San Jose State losing coupled with Hawaii actually playing well is likely the reason for the rise.

As for Nevada moving up, not sure what to make of that, outside of the same properties that led Hawaii to climb the poll.

As the story was last year, the Mountain Division is dominating the rankings with the top four teams coming from that side and five of seven overall. San Diego State is still the leader of the West despite losing badly to Cal, 35-7.

1. Boise State (6) LW: 1 Mountain
2. Air Force (6) LW: 4 Mountain
3. Utah State (1) LW: 5 Mountain
4. Colorado State LW: 3 Mountain
5. San Diego State LW: 2 West
6. Nevada LW: 9 West
7. New Mexico LW: 6 Mountain
8. Hawaii LW: 11 West
9. Fresno State LW: 7 West
10. San Jose State LW: 8 West
11. UNLV LW: 10 West
12. Wyoming LW: 12 Mountain