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Former Nevada head coach Chris Ault is coaching the Italian football team Rhinos Milano

Former Nevada head football coach Chris Ault is coaching again, but this time he is going to Europe for his next job.

When former Nevada Wolf Pack head coach Chris Ault stepped down as the teams head coach, he made it clear he was resigning and not retiring when he stepped down after the 2012 season. Ault has spent time assisting teams as a consultant in the NFL, but he has not taking on an official coaching job,  until now.

Ault is back in the coaching game and probably the furthest place imaginable for a Hall of Fame coach -- with 230 career wins -- to be roaming the sidelines. Ault has bee named the new head coach of the Rhinos Milano which which is part of the upstart Italian Football League.

The idea to coach football from the ground up and teach fundamentals was a big draw, but so was heading to Europe to coach.

"I told Kathy, this is exactly like starting up in high school again, being conscious of the fundamentals and the roots," Ault told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "These guys are playing the game for the right reason. They love it. They go to work all day. They practice at night. They raise their family. They don't get paid. They actually play for pizza. They just play football for the love of the game and the passion of it."

To say this is interesting would be an understatement and according to Football Scoop these Italian teams mean business and want coaches to come abroad who have NCAA experience.

Ault has always been an innovator in college football, specifically with the pistol offense, but going to an area of the world where American football is being played but on a very low level is a huge challenge. Also, Ault is not a young fellow as he is 68.

Coaching at the FBS level saw Ault putting in work weeks of 100 hours, but with Rhinos Milano this is a much more stress free environment which has the team practice three times a week from 9 -11 p.m. As per leagues outside the United States there can only be a certain number of Americans on the roster, and this league caps that number at two.

This goes to prove that Ault is in it for the love of football and teaching the basics, and to do so to an area that is not exposed to that much football was too much to pass up. Also, doing so in Italy is an added bonus.

"You really going back to the basics of teaching football," Ault said. "I'll be doing clinics over there for all kinds of football purposes. That's exciting for me, and to have a chance to experience Europe in the way we can and still get on the football field and do what I love to do, that's the best of both worlds."