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Wolf Pack Depleted Roster Will Find 2016 Challenging

The regular season MWC champion was a veteran team and most of what got them there are now gone. A few others that should be on the roster are also missing and may have decided on sitting out a year to go to Arizona. Why? Because that's where last year's coach went. It could be a tough year for the Pack.

Trenton Brooks returns to help solidify a weekend rotation
Trenton Brooks returns to help solidify a weekend rotation
John Byrne

Gutted Nevada Has Much to Replace in 2016

The 2015 season was one of the most successful years the Wolf Pack has ever had. However, in my estimation, it ended horribly. No regional and the coach jumped ship. I don't care what others say, he jumped ship. He had a good thing going in Reno and opted for one of the big boys in Arizona. He should have success there so I guess it's hard to argue. As a SJS fan, I feel Nevada's pain.

Regular season champ with many good seniors gone and a number of juniors drafted and gone also; three of whom were All Americans of one sort or another. Gone, besides the coach, are Jay Anderson, Austin Byler, Jason Deitrich, Jordan Devencenzi, Kyle Hunt, Kewby Meyer, Matt Susac, Ryan Teel, Barry Timko, and Tyler Wells. That's a lot of leadership and experience. Also MIA is sophomore Cal Stevenson who was a Freshman AA. I can only guess when I say he followed coach to AZ. That ain't good. Drafted juniors were Ryan Howell and Adam Whitt. They both signed so that leaves the cupboard pretty bare.

Coming back to play another day include top hitter Trenton Brooks (.365 and 3 and he can pitch) and Jordan Pearce (.304 and 1) which account for the top hitters. Again, a lot gone. The Pack returns a few good arms such as Friday guy Christian Stolo (in the running for Pre-season Pitcher of the Year), Jason Dietrich, and a number of other guys with substantial starting experience. They're in good shape for the weekend. Closer will be a priority as Whitt is gone along with his 14 saves.

Recruits could prove interesting because all contracts, I mean scholarship offers and commitments, are off when a coach leaves. Let's take a look.

Ruben Cardenas, OF - not on roster

Keone Cabinian, RHP - on roster

Trevor Charpie, RHP - on roster

Jonah Davis, OF - not on roster

Kaleb Foster, C - not on roster

Kevin Ginkel, RHP - not on roster

Mitchell Hayes, RHP/UTL - not on roster

Cooper Krug, 1B/RHP - freshman on roster

Anthony Martine, LHP - on roster

Miles Mastrobuoni, SS - on roster

Ty Pennington, RHP - freshman on roster

Brandon Ponticelli, RHP - freshman on roster

The above list are guys that were announced commitments in November of last year. That's seven players. Not bad really, but five didn't show. The team needs a few more players than have showed up and I expect more than a few juco transfers will make the team. Three RS frosh help. It could be a tough year at the plate but pitching should keep the ship from sinking. New Coach TJ Bruce has his work cut out for him.