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San Jose State Football: Dual Quarterback System Here To Stay

It doesn't look like head coach Ron Caragher is sure of who to start at quarterback

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

If you aren't sure who you want to start for the Spartans between Kenny Potter or Joe Gray, you aren't the only one. Head coach Ron Caragher still hasn't seen enough from either of the two to really separate themselves and name one of them the starter.

Per the Mercury News:

"Until one really emerges, it’s hard to make that investment in one," coach Ron Caragher said after a 38-17 loss to the Falcons. "They’re getting a lot of practice time. They both had opportunities to play and drive and lead our team. They did some good things, but we turned the ball over twice and that hurt."

The two turnovers that Caragher is referring to are the two combined interceptions that the quarterbacks threw in the fourth quarter that lead to touchdowns for Air Force. Both quarterbacks were unimpressive on the Saturday night showdown on ESPNU. Joe Gray went 11/18 for 88 and an interception and Kenny Potter went was 7/15 for 52 yards with an interception. He did, however, throw a touchdown.

Kenny Potter isn't putting the blame for that interception on anyone but himself:

"I completely put that on me," Potter said. "It's an option route so it can go anywhere. I just have to be more patient, let (Crawley) make the decision because ultimately it's up to him, it's not up to me."

As I've said before, I am not a fan of the dual system quarterback. I think it messes up offenses and does more harm than good. It doesn't look like Caragher is ready to stick with one quarterback just yet, though. Hopefully one of these two guys can separate themselves from the other and lead this team to more wins.