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Air Force Football: Does the Depth Chart Reveal Nate Romine’s Status

Did Air Force's depth chart released today have a clue to the status of starting quarterback Nate Romine?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It is harder to get injury information from Troy Calhoun and the Air Force Falcons football coaches than an honest answer from the presidential candidates. Calhoun has a NFL background and treats injury information in the fashion of Mike Shanahan and Bill Belichick. In other words, you aren't getting anything from him if at all possible.

But, did the Falcons give everyone a clue that things aren't great with Romine and his leg when they added third string quarterback Pate Davis to the depth chart this week? When the Falcons released their Michigan State depth chart, they listed three quarterbacks, something that the Falcons have not done at all this season or last season. Does the inclusion of Davis indicate that at a minimum, Romine is not considered an option for the game at East Lansing?

It was a very disturbing play at the goal line midway through the fourth quarter of Saturday's conference game versus San Jose State when Romine dove for a touchdown and had his leg pinned by one player and had another Spartan player hit him in the opposite direction. It had the look of major knee damage, and after be carried to the bench by teammates, he was immediately placed on the cart and taken to the locker room. What made it even more of a shame, was that Romine was really in control of the game as an option quarterback. He had rushed for 116 yards and was making good decisions in the triple option. His loss will be a blow to Falcons no matter how long he is out.

Fortunately, the Falcons have a quality experienced backup quarterback in senior Karson Roberts. Roberts is probably the best of the option quarterbacks on the team, but does not throw the ball as well as Romine, which was the main reason Romine beat him out for the starting quarterback in 2015.