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Week 1 Mountain West football power poll: Boise State tops initial poll

The first Mountain West power poll is out -- sorry for being so late -- there are some interesting rankings in the poll due to the amount of FCS opponents last week.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into the second week of Mountain West football play lets take a look at our weekly power poll (in the future this will be earlier in the week) from our staff. This poll is for the entire conference and not separated by divisions but we will distinguish where teams play.

With so many games against FCS opponents, expect this poll to be all over the place. As expected, Boise State tops the poll and does so in unanimous fashion after defeating Washington, 16-13, Friday night. On the other end of the poll it is a surprise that Wyoming did not earn every single last-place vote despite losing to South Dakota, a FCS team. UNLV actually earned a pair of last-place votes.

The Mountain Division is dominating the conference again, at least after this first week.

1. Boise State (17) Mountain
2. San Diego State West
3. Colorado State Mountain
4. Air Force Mountain
5. Utah State Mountain
6. New Mexico Mountain
7. Fresno State West
8. San Jose State West
9. Nevada West
10. UNLV West
11. Hawaii West
12. Wyoming Mountain