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Utah State vs. Utah: A look at the Aggies depth chart

Who will be starting for Utah State at the wide receiver spot?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

When Utah State takes the field vs the Utah Utes on Friday, Aggie fans will be holding their breath and hoping to see an improved offensive performance compared to what they witnessed in last week's 12-point, 250-yard win vs Southern Utah. Aggie fans have been very critical of the performance of the offensive line in that game, but Matt Wells was quick to remind fans that the blame should fall on the offense as a unit.

One major reason for the offensive woes was the lack of depth at the WR position. The position group was considered a major strength coming into the season, but the loss of Jojo Natson (dismissed from team) and Hunter Sharp (suspension) and injuries to Brandon Swindall (hamstring), Zach Van Leeuwen (concussion), Tyler Fox, and Devonte Robinson (cramps) left Chuckie Keeton with precious few targets to throw to.

In fact, at one point in last Thursday's contest, the Aggies were down to three healthy/eligible receivers. The bad news for Keeton and the Aggies is that Sharp's suspension extends through Friday night's game and that Natson won't be back in an Aggie uniform any time soon.

The good news is that Swindall and Robinson should be at 100% and Van Leeuwen could play as long as he's cleared. Will this be enough to make a difference for the Aggies? In the past, Matt Wells has proved that he can be creative in moving the football and creating offensive production. With that in mind, look for Kennedy Williams to play more WR, Keeton to continue to target the TEs more than in the past, and possibly even have a redshirt pulled from one of the freshmen WRs.

The coaches also experimented with the idea of QB Kent Myers at WR during the spring, and he showed promise. We won't find out what the coaches have in mind until Friday night, but one thing is certain: Wells and offensive coordinator Josh Heupel weren't satisfied with the lack of scoring last week and will make whatever adjustments they feel gives their team the best chance to beat the Utes.

Here is the depth chart:

Pos No Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
WR-X 3 Robinson, Devonte SR/TR 3 Van Leeuwen, Zach RS FR

WR-T 82 Rodriguez, Andrew SR/TR 26 Williams, Kennedy JR/1
TE-Y 83 Houston, Wyatt JR/1 87 Raymond, Dax FR 44 Horne, Landon JR/TR
LT 65 Albrecht, Austin RS JR 73 Brooksby, Preston JR TR
LG 72 Mosley, Tyshon RS SO 54 Wysocki, Ben JR TR
OC 59 Stephens, Austin RS JR 64 Ioane, Jarom RS SO
RG 75 Fisilau, Taani SR/2 66 Uluave, KJ RS FR
RT 76 Simonich, Jake RS JR/1 78 Boyer, Cody RS FR
WR-Z 11 Swindall, Brandon SR/2 88 Roberts, Braelon RS SO 80 Fox, Tyler RS FR
QB 16 Keeton, Chuckie RS SR/3 2 Myers, Kent SO 8 Hobbs, Damion SO/TR 6 Nelson, DJ RS FR
RB 21 Hunt, LaJuan SO/TR 32 Mays, Devante JR TR 7 Lindsey, Tonny JR/TR
DE 95 Ali'ifua, Ricky JR/1 91 Taufa, Siua JR/TR 19 Togiai, Ian SO
NG 51 Moala, David SR/TR 56 Schuster, Gasetoto RS FR 96 Unga, Chris FR
DE 97 Nielsen, Jordan SR/2 52 Taylor, John SR/TR 98 Faimalo, Edmund SR/TR
OLB 9 Fackrell, Kyler SR/2 12 Huerta, Alex RS SO
ILB 5 Filiaga, LT SR/TR 16 Williams, Anthony SR/TR 48 Christiansen, Chase RS FR
ILB 41 Vigil, Nick RS JR/1 45 Baldomero, Jarom SR/1 42 Harold, La'Bradford SR/2
OLB 39 Green, Torrey SR/1 23 Okonkwo, Michael SR/2
CB 13 Davis, Jalen SO 1 Gray, Daniel RS JR 22 Hayes, Bryant SR/TR
FS 37 Centers, Devin RS JR/1 27 Rocquemore, Jontrell RS FR
SS 24 Evans, Marwin RS SR 2 Ellison, Marquan RS JR/1
CB 22 Hayes, Bryant SR/TR 15 Floyd, Tyler SR/TR 31 Painter, Jentz RS JR
P 89 Dalton, Aaron RS FR 36 Thompson, Jake JR/1
PK 36 Thompson, Jake JR/1 63 Warren, Brock RS JR
LS 58 Galea'i, Salanoa SR/TR 47 Hutchinson, Mark SR
H 6 Nelson, DJ RS FR 89 Dalton, Aaron RS FR
PR 13 Davis, Jalen SO 82 Rodriguez, Andrew SR/TR
KR 26 Williams, Kennedy JR/1 13 Davis, Jalen SO