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Boise State Football Finishes Day 2 of Fall Camp

Boise State completes day 2 of football fall camp.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Boise State Broncos are looking good so far. Day 1 of fall camp showed much promise for Boise State and the players have kept the high intensity and enthusiasm rolling through the second day of camp.

Redshirt senior offensive lineman, Rees Odhiambo, was named Lithia Ford's "Camper of the Day". Rees Odhiambo, a 6'4" 309 pound big man from Mansfield, Texas, made the All-Mountain West Second Team his 2014 season and has continued to lead the team offensively from the line.

Drew Berger, freshman linebacker out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was named Lithia Ford's "Newcomer of the Day." Drew Berger is a 6'1" 220 pound 4-star recruit and was nationally ranked at number 8 in his position and ranked at number 2 in his state by 247Sports. When asked by Boise State's official athletic website why he chose to play for the Broncos, he answered with, "Because at Boise State the team is really a family, and all we do is win".

The athletics department at Boise State has only grown from past years and has evolved into a massive program centered around its exceptional football team. Complimenting the growth of the program are its players that maintain the mentality to perform and stay dedicated to win. We as fans get to tune in to day 2 of camp and see these players hard at work after a summer's break.

A couple of the players are interviewed the same day and are asked about their experience with Boise State. Among the players interviewed is redshirt senior, Justin Taimatuia, a 6 foot 298 pound defensive tackle from the American Samoa. Taimatuia talks about his hometown, his transition to Boise State from Kansas, and the injury that put him out the previous season.

Defensive lineman coach, Steve Caldwell, joined the Boise State football program during its 2014 season. One of the things he is asked during his interview is how he intends to utilize all of the experience he has on defense with the majority being seniors. Caldwell is also asked how much of an asset his newest recruits, Sam Whitney and Matt Locher, would be to his defense now that he has the ability to use them.

Redshirt junior, Sam McCaskill, is a 6'3" 257 pound defensive end from Eugene, Oregon. He shares his experience with the Broncos and the competitive spirit he has adopted from competing with such good players everyday during the season. He mentions that having so many players "hungry for playing time" pushes everyone to "go that extra yard" in order to excel.

Redshirt sophomore, Joe Martarano, is a 6'1" 228 pound middle linebacker from Fruitland, Idaho. Martarano talks about his 2 month leave he took during the baseball season and how he juggles playing both football and baseball. Although Martarano expresses his joy for both sports, he mentions that he is not sure about his "plan to play baseball next summer".

The momentum is high in Albertsons Stadium, and the anticipation for the upcoming season has fans on the edge of their seats. But until the season starts, we can only enjoy the preceding practices that translate to the magnificent renditions we'll see come game days.