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UNLV commit Melvin Johnson looking for a scholarship "better than UNLV"

UNLV commit Melvin Johnson will attend JC, then look for a scholarship "better than UNLV."

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

100 bonus points for honesty, I suppose.

The first recruiting class for UNLV head coach Tony Sanchez can only be gauged as a success thus far, but not everything works out. His first commitment, Melvin Johnson, has been ruled academically ineligible to play for the Rebels. When asked what his plans are moving forward Johnson offered a refreshing dose of honesty.

The former Canyon Springs High School defensive lineman announced his plans to attend Victor Valley College in Victorville, California. After that Johnson would like to return to the D-1 level, though he's not sure where just yet.

"I'm going to play at a junior college, and hopefully I will get a scholarship better than UNLV," Johnson told the Las Vegas Review Journal. "If not, I will go back to UNLV."

Call it the 2015 MWC quote of the year so far. West Division anyway. My initial reaction when reading the quote was embarrassment for the kid. After reading it again I realized I was wrong. I love the honesty. Probably can't help you moving forward, but tell 'em how you feel Melvin.

I just hope that UNLV offer is still there. Who looks worse here UNLV, Canyon Springs High School, or Melvin Johnson?

The Rebels opened training camp on Friday morning.