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Simming the 2015 Season on NCAA Football 13, a story in three parts.

Because that makes sense to me, okay?

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Author's Note: I'm splitting this up into three parts because do you really want to read 3000 words on a simulated college football season?....actually don't answer that.

First off, I usually don't know who to place my frustration and blame on for a lack of a college football video game for the second year in a row, so I'm just mad at all of you. It's nothing personal, but somehow it's your fault.

Our lasting memory of the series will be Denard Robinson running across the cover and into our hearts for, what I assume, was a four-yard loss.

I still have an Xbox 360 I won out of a Stacker machine at an arcade the summer of my sophomore year of high school, and I left it in my basement back in Arkansas. It's now basically a glorified DVD player. But today, this day, I call upon it's duties once more. I have a few games still with it, none more important than this one.

Okay, so I don't have NCAA 14 anymore. I'm pretty sure I sold it whenever I got an Xbox One this Christmas. BUT, NCAA 13 is just as good and will have to do.

So here's a TL;DR of the set-up for this. I popped NCAA 13 in, started a dynasty mode, did a little rearranging with the conferences, (The WAC still existed!), and gave us our modern day Mountain West Conference.

After that I created "New Coach", a husky man with thinning hair wearing a black polo and slacks, and gave him his first job as the head coach of Air Force. One wasn't enough. I did the same thing with Fresno. Then Wyoming. Then Colorado State, until there were 12 of these on the sidelines coaching your favorite teams.

Now came the schedule customization. I tried to get the 2015 schedules as close as possible with non-conference opponents, conference games were locked and could not be altered. It wasn't always perfect. Sometimes the game will take place in a different week, or it won't happen at all. For instance, brace yourselves Colorado State fans, no game with UTSA this year. And for you San Diego State fans, the rivalry with South Alabama will have to be settled another year as well. Also, when I use an FCS team in this article, know that I'm referring to FCS West/Southeast/Northwest and so on in terms of the game.

Some last minute set-up with Heisman difficulty, 15 minute quarters. That's all done, so now here is how the 2015 Mountain West Conference season will go down according to a three year old video game.

Week 1

Michigan 52, UNLV 14

This was actually a close game...for about a quarter. After a 28-point first quarter between the two teams, Michigan tacked on 31 points over the next 30 minutes to blast away the Rebs in the big house. Blake Decker finished the night completing just 36% of his passes for two scores, but he also threw three picks. Good start, Tony.

#21 Boise State 27, BYU 19

After the first half ended in a tie, Ryan Finley helped pull the Broncos offense away with a long 35 yard pass to end the opening the drive of the half. BSU used that momentum to hold off BYU for the eight point win.

Utah State 35, Southern Utah 13

THE CHUCKIE KEETON SHOW. He finished with four touchdowns and over 250 all-purpose yards to roll the Aggies past SUU.

#12 Michigan State 35, Air Force 12

The Spartans controlled the game from whistle-to-whistle. It was all field goals in the second half for the Falcons.

Tulsa 45, New Mexico 0

"No! Video Games aren't unrealistic! Why do you ask?"

Utah 42, Fresno St 23

All Utes. Travis Wilson paced the Utah offense with over 300 yards in the air, completing 64% of his passes.

Washington State 41, Wyoming 28

After trailing by just three at the half, Wyoming couldn't keep up with Wazzu in the second half.

San Diego State 45, San Diego 14

MY FAVORITE RIVALRY GAME. SDSU finished with over 600 yards of offense. Donnel Pumphrey averaged 7.2 yards a carry in the win.

#18 Ohio State 47, Hawaii 3

BLOOD AND VIOLENCE. JT Barrett throws five touchdowns.

Nevada 28, UC Davis 14


Colorado 24, Colorado State 17

Earth-2 Colorado State only gains 186 yards, passing for just 83 in the head-scratching loss. Danged Ball must be ran more.

Oregon State 17, San Jose St 6

*yawn intensifies*

Week 2

Utah 38, Utah State 7

Aggies don't score until the final quarter, Wilson completes 70% of his passes in the win.

Cal 24, San Diego State 22

This was actually exciting down to the wire. Aztecs took a 16-3 lead into the half, before three unanswered Jared Goff TD passes gave the Bears the 24-16 lead in the fourth. SDSU responded with three minutes with Maxwell Smith hitting Pumphrey for the 11-yard score. Everything will be fi--OH GOD ROCKY LONG IS GOING FOR TWO....he didn't get it. Cal wins.

Minnesota 21, Colorado State 17


Air Force 31, San Jose State 17

would've watched this game but there was paint drying elsewhere.

Washington 42, #20 Boise State 21

PETERSEN'S REVENGE. Huskies hang 40 on the Broncos in Boise and subsequently knock them out of the top 25. Over 800 yards of offense is tallied between the two clubs. Dwayne Washington scores three touchdowns to put UW over the top.

Arizona 30, Nevada 17

Nick Wilson goes for 132 yards and a score to avoid the upset-minded Wolfpack.


pls stop beating up on UNLV :'(

Arizona State 34, New Mexico 14

and New Mexico :/

Fresno State 42, Ole Miss 26

Marteze Waller was on a god dang mission to send every drunk, polo-wearing, son of a gun in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, home sad. He rushes for 177 yards and two scores, adding 89 receiving yards and a touchdown to torch the Rebels in Oxford. Chaos is a beautiful thing.

Wyoming 45, North Dakota 14

...Good for you, Wyoming.

Week 3

San Diego State 20, New Mexico 6


Texas A&M 28, Nevada 10

Nevada can't catch a break. After trailing by just three entering the final quarter, Kyle Allen launches a 56-yard bomb to Ricky Seals-Jones, basically knocking the wind out of the Pack from then on out.

Colorado State 20, San Jose State 10

Still not running the danged ball but a win is a win.

Utah State 21, Fresno State 14

Game was about as even as it could be. Utah State just had more points therefore they won.

Boise State 34, Idaho State 10


Week 4

Boise State 33, Air Force 0

also murder.

Colorado State 28, Utah State 21

Chukie lost his job to Kent Myers. >:(

And also the game, that's important too.

Wyoming 41, Eastern Michigan 34

SO MUCH OFFENSE. Raise your hand if you had the quarterback duel of the year so far being between EMU and Wyoming.



Northern Illinois 34, UNLV 7

UNLV is just getting bullied at this point.

Nevada 25, Hawaii 21

Despite 100-yard performances from Diocemy Saint-Juste and Steven Lakalaka, Nevada edges UH in Honolulu after a late Max Wittek interception and oh god this hurts.

New Mexico State 38, New Mexico 17

It was a tied game at the half then Bob Davie did Bob Davie things and New Mexico had three second half interceptions, including one pick six.

San Diego State 28, San Jose State 14

*yawns again*

Fresno State 66, Abilene Christian 3

There was a lot of pent up frustration being released this game. Marteze Waller rushes for 207 yards and five, yes, five scores. That was good enough for a player for the week nod.

Your standings after four weeks:

Mountain Conference Overall
Boise State (1-0) (3-1)
Colorado State (2-0) (2-2)
Utah State (1-1) (2-2)
Air Force (1-1) (1-2)
Wyoming (0-0) (2-1)
New Mexico (0-1) (0-4)
West Conference Overall
San Diego State (2-0) (3-1)
Nevada (1-0) (2-2)
Fresno State (0-1) (2-2)
UNLV (0-0) (0-3)
Hawaii (0-1) (0-2)
San Jose State (0-3) (0-4)