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PODCAST: Week 1 Mountain West football preview

Jeremy and Chris are back with a Week 1 preview which does feature nine games against FCS teams, but do not let that deter you from tuning in.

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Jeremy and Chris are back with a Week 1 preview and the show will now be going twice a week. During non-conference games the show will be a longer show, and we apologize up front for this being about 100 minutes. We will do better next week.

In this show we go over every game and do not complain at all that there are nine games against FCS opponents in Week 1. Overall, in those FCS games we point out what we want to see from these teams going against lower division schools.

Hawaii vs. Colorado, Boise State vs. Washington and UNLV vs. Northern Illinois are the only FBS vs. FBS games. Could these three Mountain West teams pull the sweep?

The order of the show goes in chronological order from Thursday to Saturday night, so fast forward accordingly. Next show we will make sure to include time stamps.

And for good measure, to make it 100 percent clear: yes, we are biased against your team.

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