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Did Hawai'i Jynx Themselves?

I think someone owes me a coke.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Some might say that Ben Clarke and Max Wittek asked the Football Gods to rein bad juju on them when they touched the Mountain West Trophy. Others might say these bums have got some nerve touching a trophy they will never win. This type of negative comments depicts the Hawaii team as trash that the MWC should take out.

With the way the team has performed the past few years, it would be hard to argue with them. The team has not garnered much confidence from their faithful fans. It has come to a point where some long time season tickets holders have put the team aside.

This year however, the team looks like they feel more and more confident with each practice. Last year you could see the defeat building on the team and it is refreshing to see some of that weight removed. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly has done it.

According to Clarke the addition of talent, new offensive system and the team camaraderie has provided them with a lot of confidence. He said that "we've all bought in and believe that we can win." A sentiment not lost to me as a fan.

It is one thing to say you can win but another to actually believe the words that are coming out of your mouth. To have the conviction in your eyes when you say that you can win that even the most pessimistic fan can have hope.

All of this reminds me of the typical underdog stories you see in movies (i.e. Mighty Ducks, Miracle, Remember the Titans etc.). The main characters fought through adversity and finally succeeded after believing in themselves. It sounds corny but the cliché’ point is pertinent. The team has dealt with a lot of losing and have never quit.

It’s time for the Bow’s to turnover a new leaf and having confidence in themselves is step one. Max Wittek said it best that "the biggest thing (is) just believing. Find a place where we believe in ourselves and realize that winning isn’t an accident."

The future of the program may rely on the culture built by this team. One day we may look back at this season as the turning point for the program. Till then, here’s to the new season and all hopes going towards a successful one at that.