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Colorado State to play at Florida in 2018

Colorado State will be heading to their first road game to the state of Florida for the first time in over 30 years.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado State will taking on their former head coach Jim McElwain and the Florida Gators on Sept. 15, 2018 -- kickoff time has not been announced. This is part of the buyout from when McElwain left to coach in the SEC. The Coloradoan is reporting via an open records request, that this is a one-time game between the two schools, and the Gators will be paying the Rams $2 million.

This game being scheduled is not a surprise because part of McElwain's buyout included a future game between Colorado State and Florida was to take place between 2017-2020.

The rest of the buyout has Florida is paying Colorado State $3 million in installments over the next six years and McElwain personally paying for the other $2 million.

This is Colorado State's second official opponent for the 2018 season, the other is facing rival Colorado, and it is likely that the third opponent will be a home against Savannah State.