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Daily Hike: San Diego State taking its time on starting QB

Good morning! Here is what you may have missed about the Mountain West.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

No hurry here: San Diego State is taking their time in naming their starting quarterback, but it has to be Maxwell Smith, right?

How good can Boise State's WR be? They have the depth but can this unit have a breakout year?

Hand over your COA: Virginia Tech's Bud Foster attempted to fine players of their cost of attendance money, not a good move.

A surprise on Wyoming's depth chart: Tom Thorton is on the two-deep and could be a surprise player on the offense at wide receiver.

Three backs to act as one: UNLV might be going with a trio of backs to run the ball, but Keith Whitley is slowly pulling away.

Know your foe: A look at Navy's offense, Air Force better get ready for **gasp** a run-option attack!