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Fresno State football: Zack Greenlee named starting quarterback

Zack Greenlee has been named the starting quarterback for Fresno State, but two will play in season opener.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Fresno State has announced that ack Greenlee will be their starting quarterback when they open the season against Abilene Christan. Greenlee has the most experience of the quarterbacks on the roster and saw time last year, with varying levels of success.

Greenlee earned the start due to that experience and also having the fewest mistakes in fall camp.

"The competition was extremely close between the top three quarterbacks," head coach Tim DeRuyter said in a release. "The completion percentages in fall camp and decision making were all relatively close, but the big separator was taking care of the football. Zack only had two picks and he had those the first week of camp. Since then he's done a great job taking care of the football."

Geenlee beat out Chason Virgil and Ford Childress for the starting job, but DeRuyter emphasized again that two quarterbacks will play in the opener.

"Zack knows that we are going to play two quarterbacks," DeRuyter added. "If he lights it up in the first quarter against Abilene Christian or doesn't, he is going to play and at some point we are going to bring in Chason and potentially will bring in Ford."

Last year, Fresno State did not really settle in on a quarterback until midway through the year and that did not even last as multiple quarterbacks played in the bowl game.

DeRuyter is moving in the right direction by naming Greenlee the starting quarterback, but having others likely play could underimine and cause more issues down the road if one signal caller is not named after the opener.