Make your 2015-2016 Mountain West Conference Predictions!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all, the new season is about to be bestowed upon us once again, and everyone is most likely tired of playing NCAA football 13/14 trying to simulate how their team will actually do. Now this is always fun to make our predictions, what will the Mountain West Conference do in this 2nd season of the College Playoff?

This is the 3rd season I have decided to do this mostly fun pre-season prediction, it has largely been a fun way for me anyway to go back to see how awful our predictions can be! I would like to see what you guys think in the comment section. I will also put mine down in the comment section. I will also put a template below so you guys can copy/paste.

  • Championship Game: (Teams who will play in the Mountain West Conference Championship Game and the score?)

  • Playoff/Major Bowl Picture: (Which team(s) do you think have a shot at the playoff and/or major bowl games?)

  • Coach of the Year: (Coach that you think will show the best leadership of any coach this year, be it beating expectations or winning a big bowl)

  • Heisman Prediction: (Will anyone in the Mountain West be selected to win the Heisman, if so who?)

  • MWC Player of the Year: (Who do you think will be the best player of the year in the Mountain West?)

  • Newcomer of The year: (Who do you believe will be the best new player in the Mountain West out of the new transfers and underclassmen?)

  • Your Team: (Your unbiased/biased opinion about how well your team will fare this season.)

  • Surprise Team: (Who do you think will surprise us this season?)

  • Dark Horse: (Who do you think can win this conference other than say Boise, Utah State or Colorado State?)

  • Upset of Year: (Which game will hold that honor? It can be in conference or out of conference.)

  • Deciding Game: (Which game will make a huge impact on deciding our conference champions?)

  • You're Fired: (Which coach do you think will be fired at the end of the season?)

  • Fumbled Season: (Which team do you think will do worse than what is predicted?)

  • Expansion: (Who will move on or into the Mountain West Conference by the end of the season?)

  • Just For Fun: (Any other predictions that you can think of that you would like to make?)

    ------Blank form-----

  • Championship Game:

  • Playoff/Major Bowl Picture:

  • Coach of the Year:

  • Heisman Prediction:

  • MWC Player of the Year:

  • Newcomer of The year:

  • Your Team:

  • Surprise Team:

  • Dark Horse:

  • Upset of Year:

  • Deciding Game:

  • You're Fired:

  • Fumbled Season:

  • Expansion:

  • Just For Fun:

Happy watching, and I look forward to watching with you!