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Boise State football recruiting: Nick Crabtree is 'on cloud nine' after committing

Tight end Nick Crabtree had plans to commit later, but a Boise State offer Friday morning changed that.

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The day NIck Crabtree had waited his entire life for wasn't supposed to be Friday. He had planned to announce his college destination - after narrowing down his choices to Nevada and Boise State - on either Saturday, or Sunday.

However, plans changed when Boise State became interested.

Sitting in his room around 11:00 a.m., Crabtree, a three-star tight end from Huntington Beach High School (Huntington Beach, CA), got a direct message on Twitter from Boise State tight end coach, Kent Riddle. who told Crabtree to give him a call.

After talking shortly on the phone, Riddle handed the phone to Broncos head coach Bryan Harsin, who gave Crabtree the news he'd been waiting months to hear from the school he always wanted to play for.

I'm on cloud nine right now and I'm ready to get down to business for my senior year. -Nick Crabtree

Crabtree threw out his original plan to wait till the weekend and committed to Boise State on the spot.

"I knew it was the place I needed to be," Crabtree said.

Crabtree discussed his commitment to Boise State with Mountain West Connection on Friday evening.

When you were at the Opening regional in Los Angeles, you had no offers, but you said you believed Boise State would be the first. I believe they were the fourth school to offer you, after Fresno State, Nevada and San Jose State.

"Yes, that's correct."

So what led you to believe Boise State would be the first school to offer you?

"At that time, they were the school I was talking with the most. At that time, I wasn't talking to any of the schools that ended up offering me before Boise."

What was the Boise State coaching staff saying to you at the time?

"When we first started talking, coach Riddle introduced himself and started talking about the tight ends and how they use a lot of them at the same time. Kind of just getting to know me personally. After that, we didn't talk all the time, but we did every once in a while, just updating with him on how the offseason was going."

Obviously, since you committed on the spot, was this the offer you'd been waiting for?

"I had made my decision to decide where I was going this weekend. It was either going to be Nevada-Reno, and that was what I was planning to do, but then Boise came in with the offer and I knew that's where I had to go. "

What stood out to you when you visited Boise?

"Boise is absolutely beautiful, everything about it. It was exactly what I was looking for. All the trees, the river running through the campus, and the facilities were just amazing - blew everything else I've seen out of the water. It was awesome."

Did the iconic blue field have any interest to you?

"When I was rally little, I remember seeing the blue field and asking my Dad, ‘are they allowed to do that?' He told me yes they were. "

When did you realize that you could play Division I football?

"I can't remember how long ago it was, but it was always my goal to play Division I football, at the tight end spot. When it first started becoming a reality was probably towards the end of my junior year when I started talking to colleges, and Fresno State offered a while back. Obviously, that's when I realized this was really happening. "

How'd the phone call go when Boise State offered you?

"I was talking to coach Riddle, then he put me on the phone with coach Harsin and he explained that they were offering me and that they were really excited. Coach riddle got back on the phone and started talking to my dad. At that point, I started talking with my mom and we decided this is what we wanted to do. I got back on phone with coach Harsin and committed on spot."

What was going through your head when your dad was on the phone with coach Riddle?

"I can't believe this is actually happening. This was a day I've been dreaming about for a long time."

Are you excited for the recruiting process to be over?

"I'm on cloud nine right now and I'm ready to get down to business for my senior year. "

Did you wear any Boise State gear to practice today?

"I didn't have any. My parents went and got me a shirt while I was at practice for a little surprise when I got done. It was waiting on the car seat of our Honda Odyssey when I got in."

Finally, What should Boise State fans expect from you when you arrive?

"Big things. I'm going to put in all the work that it takes."