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CSU QB Battle All but Won

With the first 6 days of Fall camp wrapped up, it seems inevitable RS SO Nick Stevens will be the Rams next quarterback.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In 23 days, a new era of Colorado State football will start. I'm not talking about new coach Mike Bobo's first game, I am referring to the first CSU quarterback to step on the field after record shatter-er Garrett Grayson. Over Grayson's three year career in Fort Collins, he set 10 out of 16 possible passing records despite a shoddy sophomore season. He meant a lot to the resurgence of CSU football over the past several years, and is now with the New Orleans Saints as a result. For Mike Bobo, it means a huge hole to fill in the offense's production.

The possible solutions? RS sophomore Nick Stevens or RS freshman Coleman Key. Stevens is the only of the two with collegiate experience, accumulating 135 yards and a TD in garbage time last season. Neither QB was able to pull ahead and claim the starting job in spring camp, but with the the first fall scrimmage closing in on Saturday, it seems only a matter of time until Bobo announces his guy.

It's a classic battle of brain vs. brawn. Key's arm is agreed to be the strongest on the team allowing him a larger margin of error, but Stevens understands the offense and keeps a cooler head in the pocket. Key's 6' 4" 220 lbs frame towers over Stevens at 6' 3" 190 lbs, but Stevens has been better delivering the ball accurately to his receivers. Throughout practices, each one has stood out on separate occasions, but Stevens has been the most consistent, and barring a disastrous couple weeks, will take the field as the Rams next quarterback September 5th.