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SJSU Football: Spartans QB Competition Down To Two

After one week, head coach Ron Caragher narrows down the competition to Joe Gray and Kenny Potter.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Just after one week of fall practices in the books, it looks like SJSU head coach Ron Caragher is ready to trim the list of competing quarterbacks from 3 to 2. It was announced that the battle for the starting position will be between returning starter and senior Joe Gray and JUCO transfer Kenny Potter. Returning redshirt junior Malik Watson was the third quarterback in the competition, but Caragher felt comfortable with what he saw from Potter and Gray after just one week to give those two the majority of the snaps, per the SJSU official website.

Caragher wanted a week to look at his options before narrowing down the competition.

"After the first week, we felt two quarterbacks rose to the top of the competition," Caragher said. "That's Joe Gray and Kenny Potter. They both had good first weeks moving the team down the field and making key plays. I'm very by that. Obviously, I tell the guys 'never remove yourself from competition, whether it's Malik or Mitch Ravizza. Always stay tuned and dialed in, because your number may come up'".

Caragher also went on to explain what he looks for in his starting quarterback.

"The quarterback is not about the guy with the strongest arm or who can throw it the farthest or the guy who looks good throwing the ball in routes against air," he said. "The quarterback is about leading your team-the ultimate leader. He needs to rally the troops when the chips are down. I've said this before. You want that guy to be mentally tough. He can fight through adversity whether it is a two-minute drill, 3rd-and-long yardage, whether he gets drilled or sacked. You want him to bounce up and want him to lead his teammates.

"There are so many other factors involved. We look at completion ratio, interception and touchdown ratio, efficiency of quarterback play,  and make a fair choice. We feel like right now we are in a position to reduce the competition from three to two."

Caragher would also go on to say that he hopes to have a starter announced a week prior to the September 3rd season opener against New Hampshire.