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SJSU Announces Opener Against New Hampshire Will Not Be Televised

If you aren't going to the season opener in person, you'll have to wait to watch the Spartans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you don't have plans to head over to watch the San Jose State Spartans play in person, you might want to reconsider that idea. It was announced by San Jose State that the season opener on September 3rd against New Hampshire, one of the top FCS programs in the nation, will not be aired on television, neither nationally or locally.

According to the Mercury News, the game against New Hampshire was not picked up by any Mountain West TV providers and SJSU was unable to find a local provider that would broadcast the game. The university reached out to Comcast Sportsbet and KOFY would want to pick up the game, both declined. They even reached out to New Hampshire to see if there would be a provider to air the game, as long as there would be a local broadcast. The costs for the broadcast would be roughly $25,000, that would be picked up by the networks, and they would be able to sell any advertising.

There will not be the option to live stream the game either.