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Former Air Force Falcons compete in The Basketball Tournament

Air Force Bomb Squad, a team of former Air Force Falcons players, will open up play in The Basketball Tournament this Friday morning in Los Angeles. This is Bomb Squad's second appearance in TBT, losing in the first round last season. Bomb Squad tips off at 10:00 a.m. MDT.

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

A group of former Air Force Falcons, named the Air Force Bomb Squad, were chosen to play in The Basketball Tournament which opens this weekend around the country. The Bomb Squad will be competing in the West region in Los Angeles. The former Falcons will be facing Too Fresh, a street ball team that has very little height or experience. Game time for the Bomb Squad will be 10:00 a.m. MDT.

Matt Holland is the team's General Manager and also plays forward on the team. The GM is responsible for recruiting and running the team, and Holland has put together some recent favorites of the Air Force Academy teams. The complete roster is listed below:




Matt Holland

GM/Small Forward


Taylor Broekhuis



Mike Fitzgerald



Todd Fletcher



Shawn Hempsey



Antoine Hood



Michael Lyons



Keith Maren



Scott Stucky



Nicholas Welch



The Falcons will be playing the Princeton style offense that Air Force has ran in some shape or form since the Falcons introduced Joe Scott as their head coach in 2000. The Bomb Squad played in the inaugural tournament last year, but was bounced in its first game. Welch and Lyons return from that team and the addition of Hood makes this team a threat in the West region. Hood led the Falcons to the NCAA Tournament in 2006 and is currently trying to work his way back into peak shape to make a run at an NBA roster for this upcoming season.

If Air Force were to advance to the Sunday game, they could face the Colorado Buffaloes team, the highest seeded team in their quadrant. The Colorado team is led by GM Beau Gamble and the roster provided for the tournament includes former players like Spencer Dinwiddie, Austin Dufault and Marcus Relphorde.

The Basketball Tournament is set up to send four teams from each region (hosted in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia), along with the automatic qualifier in defending champion Notre Dame,  to the Super 17 portion of the bracket in Chicago on July 23-25. The final four teams will then advance to New York City August 1st and 2nd to crown the 2015 champion.

The entire bracket can be seen here. The Basketball Tournament