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Mountain West football's best team ever: First round results

The matchups have been unveiled, the sims have been run. Who comes out on top?

High flying Rashard Higgins looks for his 2014 Rams to make a statement in our tournament.
High flying Rashard Higgins looks for his 2014 Rams to make a statement in our tournament.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The opening salvos of our tournament to determine the best football team in Mountain West history are about to go off. Here are the ground rules for the simulation, done via WhatIfSports:

  • Winners are determined through a best-of-nine series.
  • Starting lineups are left at their default. This may realistically affect only one or two matchups in which one team or the other had position turnover. The offensive playbook is also left at its default setting.
  • The higher seeds are given permanent home-field advantage, and the weather is left at its default: no precipitation, no wind, 70 degrees.
Without further ado, the results:

2006 BYU Cougars vs. 2012 Boise State Broncos

WINNER: 2006 BYU, 5-0
In a nutshell: The controversial top seed acquitted themselves well in the first round.
Average score: 34.6 to 18.4, BYU
Most Outstanding Player - John Beck, QB, '06 BYU

2004 Utah Utes vs. 2014 Utah State Aggies

WINNER: 2004 UTAH, 5-0
In a nutshell: The original BCS buster had no trouble busting up USU's tough defense.
Average score: 41.0 to 20.8, Utah
Most Outstanding Player - Paris Warren, WR, '04 Utah

2008 Utah Utes vs. 2007 BYU Cougars

WINNER: 2007 BYU, 5-3
In a nutshell: The first round's biggest upset.
Average score: 27.4 to 18.0, BYU
Most Outstanding Player - Harvey Unga, RB, '07 BYU

2010 TCU Horned Frogs vs. 2014 Colorado State Rams

WINNER: 2010 TCU, 5-0
In a nutshell: Rashard Higgins played up, but CSU's defense couldn't contain the Frogs.
Average score: 39.6 to 22.6, TCU
Most Outstanding Player - Rashard Higgins, WR, '14 CSU

2011 Boise State Broncos vs. 2013 Utah State Aggies

In a nutshell: Kellen Moore was unstoppable as the Broncos coasted to a series win.
Average score: 38.0 to 20.2, Boise State
Most Outstanding Player - Kellen Moore, QB, '11 Boise State

2001 BYU Cougars vs. 2000 Colorado State Rams

WINNER: 2001 BYU, 5-3
In a nutshell: Scrappy CSU came up short against BYU's powerful offense in the "Throwback Bowl".
Average score: 38.0 to 22.0, BYU
Most Outstanding Player - Luke Staley, RB, '01 BYU

2009 TCU Horned Frogs vs. 2013 Fresno State Bulldogs

WINNER: 2009 TCU, 5-1
In a nutshell: Defense bested offense as Fresno's lack of balance betrayed them.
Average score: 35.7 to 20.5, TCU
Most Outstanding Player - Matthew Tucker, RB, '09 TCU

2014 Boise State Broncos vs. 2011 TCU Horned Frogs

WINNER: 2011 TCU, 5-4
In a nutshell: The only matchup to go the distance featured five one-score games.
Average score: 37.7 to 35.6, Boise State
Most Outstanding Player - Jay Ajayi, RB, '14 Boise State

You can expect the debate to intensify now that our top sixteen has been whittled down to a top eight, so be sure to be a part of the conversation in the comments!
Seed Team vs. Seed Team
1 2006 BYU 9 2011 TCU
4 2010 TCU 5 2011 Boise State
6 2001 BYU 14 2007 BYU
2 2004 Utah 7 2009 TCU