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Ryan Finley Pretrial Delayed Again, Suspension Unlikely

Boise State Quarterback Ryan Finley's pretrial conference resulting from an offseason arrest has been delayed again. Head Coach Bryan Harsin stated that he is unlikely to suspend the sophomore quarterback.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The pretrial conference for Boise State Quarterback Ryan Finley has been delayed a second time. Finley was arrested earlier this year on April 24th on two misdemeanor charges of underage drinking and resisting arrest. The new date has been pushed out to September 28th.

In the three months following the arrest, a torrent of speculation and opinion has flown regarding whether or not a suspension would ensue for the sophomore quarterback. Head Coach Bryan Harsin finally confronted the issue publicly:

Harsin elaborated further:

"We’ve got to give him the opportunity to go through the process," Harsin said. "He’s gone through our process. ... I feel comfortable with what he’s done with what I’ve asked him to do, with how he’s responded. ... I can’t ask him to do any more than what he’s done and I’m proud of him. This is obviously disappointing – we all understand that – but when guys make up for their mistakes, and I believe he’s done that from our standpoint, then we’re good."

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This news comes as a rather shock to any who have followed the situation from the beginning. Coaching staffs, the NCAA and the court of public opinion generally don't look favorably on athletes who not only break the law, but then do their best to elude it by fleeing from law enforcement.

Harsin's decision does not mean Finley has entirely avoided repercussion for his blunder back in April. Based on what Harsin told the media, it sounds very much like they handled the matter internally. I would surmise that Finley probably saw extra conditioning drills after practice while every one else went home.

It is not completely out of the question that Harsin could change his mind should any new information surface during Finley's legal process. As Harsin said, the legal process will need to play itself out before this whole situation can finally be laid to rest. Based on the current status quo, the city of Boise will probably see Finley under center to start the season.

This is welcome news to Bronco fans as Finley is considered by most to be the favorite to win the starting job. Finley received the majority of the first-team snaps in the Spring game and is the only quarterback on Boise State's roster who has actually fielded a snap during live play. Coaches and fans are relying on him to step in and keep the success on the blue going.

The Broncos open their season on September 4th against the University of Washington.