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San Diego State recruit Desean Holmes is "MIA"

The San Diego State coaching staff has no idea where Desean Holmes is.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

One of San Diego State’s most prized 2015 recruits, wide receiver Desean Homes, is seemingly nowhere to be found, at least for SDSU’s coaching staff. During Mountain West Media Day, Aztecs head coach Rocky Long told media that Holmes has gone "MIA" and "won’t answer his phone, won’t call [them] back."

Holmes committed to SDSU in February and many believe he has a good shot of competing for a spot on the team as a true freshman in 2015. Tod Leonard of the San Diego Union-Tribute reported Tuesday afternoon that the staff at SDSU spoke to the four-star recruit about three weeks ago to discuss summer school; but since then, neither Holmes nor his foster family will return any of their calls.

SDSU contacted Holmes' current social worker, and Long said that person has not been able to reach Holmes directly. Long said he did not have concerns about Holmes' physical safety.

Coach Long remains hopeful that Holmes will join the team on reporting day, August 5th, which will be followed by the first day of workouts on the 6th. But this whole situation hits all too close to home for Aztecs fans, who can’t help but be reminded of Adam Muema.

Muema similarly went missing in 2014, failing to show up for the NFL combine while falling off the grid for four days, with no one - family, friends, or coaches - able to contact him. He later resurfaced at an airport in Fort Lauderdale, decked out in combine-issued apparel but with no intention of showing up to the combine, declaring that God communicated with him and told him the Seahawks would draft him if he left. He has since seemingly abandoned his journey to be a pro football player.

There is no evidence to suggest anything like this in the case of Desean Holmes, but the whole situation is understandably worrisome and brings back uneasy memories. And regardless of the reason for Holmes' inability to be reached, it's not a good sign and seems like an issue that spells trouble for the Aztecs.