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San Diego State basketball: Four-star prospect Brodricks Joness wants out letter of intent

Brodricks Jones called Steve Fisher to be released from his letter of intent which he signed last summer.

Steve Fisher during the NCAA tournament.
Steve Fisher during the NCAA tournament.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Brodricks Jones is set to never land on the campus of San Diego State. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Jones would like to be released from his letter of intent and play elsewhere. The incoming freshman has had second thoughts about joining the team for the upcoming season.

Jones, a 6-foot-9 forward, was probably dealing with the reality of losing playing time at San Diego State. Seniors Winston Shepard, Angelo Chol and Skylar Spencer are expected to earn most of the playing time on the roster and with rising sophomore Malik Pope likely to be the rotating sixth man. With the amount of talent and experience in front of Jones, he was facing the possibility of redshirting his freshman year or play garbage minutes in the upcoming season.

Jones' frame is lengthy, but scrawny in comparison to the front court starters. And only recently has he developed his mid-range jumper to be considered a wing player. He game has upside, but needs time to develop.

The freshman has been tight-lipped on social media about his decision. Expect Steve Fisher to honor Jones’ request with stipulations. Probably blocking other Mountain West schools from recruiting him, schools like Nevada and Fresno State.

This movement throws a wrench into Fisher’s plans. The Aztecs staff fully supported his transition to college, helping him with academics, even considering sending him to a post-graduate prep school. The staff remained loyal to Jones while they were recruiting for transfers. They now have two scholarships for the upcoming season with no transfers on their way. The staff might reclassify Nolan Narain as an incoming freshman and redshirt him to lock him down with a scholarship.