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PODCAST: 2015 Fresno State Football Preview

Chris and Matt K. are taking over...

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Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy is out and about this week, so Matt K. will be joining Chris instead and MASS CHAOS WILL ENSUE! Just kidding... we think. We'll be talking about the Fresno State Bulldogs, and we'll debate the (hopefully) hot question of the summer, "Which is the greatest MWC team of all time?"

In the preview part of the podcast, we'll attempt to answer questions like: "Is Zach Greenlee ready?"

"Can Marteze Waller have another good season?"

"Who's going to catch the ball for the Bulldogs?"

"Will there be an upset happening this season?"

We will also get into some other news items with the latest around the Mountain West in the show. This is another live effort, so tune in at 10 p.m. ET for the show.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! An extra special treat since Jeremy isn't here: You want to call in and give us your hottest of takes? The guest call-in number is (347) 637-3347! Hey, you might get on the air!

And for good measure, to make it 100 percent clear: yes, we are biased against your team.

For those who may have forgotten, there are your many ways to listen to our amazing show. Obviously, you can listen below, or you can visit or subscribe to the show over at Blog Talk RadioSound CloudStitcher Radio, as well as iTunes.

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