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The best team in Mountain West football history? Help us decide

Sixteen years of existence, fifteen teams in the course of the conference's history. Only one can be the best.

Was Alex Smith at the helm of the best team in Mountain West football history in 2004?
Was Alex Smith at the helm of the best team in Mountain West football history in 2004?
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The creation of the Mountain West Conference in 1999 has been good for college football. After all, it did give fans the very first BCS buster (the 2004 Utah Utes), and it stands as the only conference to have sent two different teams to the BCS twice (Utah, TCU). And that's to say nothing of a wealth of other very talented teams in the last decade and a half: The 2000 Colorado State Rams, the 2006 BYU Cougars, the 2013 Fresno State Bulldogs and more.

There's been a lot of quality football throughout the years, but it begs a fairly simple question: Which MWC team is the best of all-time? That's for you to help decide.

Below, you'll find a Google Form with which you can make your voice heard regarding who will make the cut. You can nominate a handful of schools that you feel deserve to be in the conversation; the only catch is that you cannot vote for any more than two iterations of the same team. That is, a TCU Horned Frogs fan may be proud of the team's run atop the conference from 2009 to 2011, but you can't choose all three! Fans of Utah, Colorado State and BYU may face a similar dilemma, but what fun would it be if there weren't any tough decisions to be made?

Nominations will remain open for an indeterminate amount of time (read: until we feel we have enough!), so don't waste time spreading the word! And stay tuned to Mountain West Connection, of course, for the reveal of our eventual finalists.