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New Mexico Basketball: Highlights from the Lobo All-Star Game Dunk Contest

Deshawn Delaney, JR Giddens and Tony Danridge wowed fans Sunday evening during halftime of the New Mexico Lobos All-Star game.

It was finally time to settle the score Sunday night fans were going to get to see who was going to win the Lobo Legends Slam Dunk Contest. Phillip McDonald, Drew Gordon, JR Giddens, Tony Danridge, and Deshawn Delaney all competed.  Gordon and McDonald where eliminated in the first round which left Danridge, Giddens, and Delaney in the finals.

Giddens missed his dunk in the finals while Danridge showed off a dunk that won him the NCAA slam dunk contest. He leaped from the sky and put the inside of his elbow through the rim which made the crowd of 9000 plus fans go wild. Delaney bounced the ball of the floor and flew above the rim. The contest came down to a fan vote to which Delaney was crowned the champion.