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New Mexico basketball: Cameron Bairstow talks about his basketball camp and more

Cameron Bairstow talks basketball and spills whether he will load the All-star teams in his favor.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Mountain West Connection: How's the camp going? Did you have a good turnout?

Cameron Bairstow: It's gone really well. In particular, the last week or two, we've [had] more kids sign up and we have lots of players on board as coaches. It's going to be an exciting camp; I think the kids are really going to enjoy it.

MWC: Are you surprised by the amount of player support you've received?

Bairstow: I wasn't surprised because those were my thoughts. I really wanted to come back and be a part of it, so I thought everyone else would as well. I was only gone for a year and other guys have been gone for many years. I knew they would love to come back and have an opportunity to have a reunion.

MWC: Do you think that you playing in the NBA has contributed to the support this game is receiving?

Bairstow: I think it helps, definitely, to be able to get it going, obviously. Brandon Mason did a ton of work for this to be possible, he put together basically the whole thing and I backed him through the process and I think together we were able to get the job done.

MWC: Are you surprised by the amount of tickets that have been sold?

Bairstow: No, I think it's not necessarily a surprise. I thought I could be this big and it's turning out to be.

MWC: When you pick teams for the game, are you going to stack them in your favor?

Bairstow: No, no, definitely not. It's going to be as even as we can make it. A mix of young and old, yeah, I think it's going to be a competitive game.

MWC: Do you see yourself having an expanded role for the Chicago Bulls next year?

Bairstow: Yeah, I just hope I get more of an opportunity and then take advantage of the opportunity, that's all I'm focused on. Just take advantage of any opportunity I get and just make the most of it.

MWC: Are you playing in the summer league this year?

Bairstow: Yes.