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New Mexico Basketball: Kendall Williams talks Lobo All-star game and more

I was able to catch up with Kendall Williams at the Cameron Bairstow Camps press conference Thursday.

Emiliah Carrion

Leading up to the former Lobos All-Star game we caught up with various participants, and we spoke with former Lobo Kendall Williams during the press conference about this one of a kind event.

MWC: Are you going to score 30 or 40 points on Sunday?

Kendall Williams: I've never been one to go for 30 or 40 points but if it starts going in, I mean if  I start to feel comfortable that would be nice but I would like to win and play with these guys and go out there and compete for sure.

MWC: If you could pick your team for this game, who would be your starting five?

Kendall Williams: It would probably be Dairese Gary at the one, me at the two, any one at the three I would cheat on that one yeah any one at the three, Cam (Cameron Bairstow) at the four, and K (Alex Kirk) at the five. At the three you're talking about J.R Giddens, Danny Grainger, Tony Snell, Tony Danridge, and Deshawn Delaney a lot of great threes.

MWC: Are you amazed about the amount of players that have come back for this game?

Kendall Williams: I'm not amazed because it's a very tight niched group we all still talk to each other, keep up with each other. We have a genuine care for each other, I'm amazed by the schedule sometimes that doesn't work out every one is grown and doing their own thing but in terms of people committing to it, I'm not very surprised.

MWC: What's next for Kendall Williams?

Kendall Williams: Helping Cam (Cameron Bairstow) with his camp, enjoying this All-star game and then going back to Los Angeles for my birthday in July and working out through July maybe hooking up with coach Alford  and Coach Broussard out at UCLA and doing some camps out there and just staying active in basketball staying in shape. Hopefully next year I'll be able to continue to play and expand my game.

MWC: Are you going to play in the NBA Summer League this year?

Kendall Williams: No.

MWC: Speaking of Alex, Cam, and Tony Snell does it bring up some nostalgia suiting up with those guys again?

Kendall Williams: Wow what a group right there two of them play for the Chicago Bulls and the other one played for the Cavs and now is with the Knicks that right there says it all. It's incredible It's such a blessing for me for them to be back then for me to look back at the memories we had is humbling.

MWC: If Ruben Douglas gets hot are you going to go shot for shot with him?

Kendall Williams: I 'm not going to go shot for shot with him but I'm going to do some Matthew Dellavedova stuff, nothing dirty but like cutting him off screens and changing up his pace a little I got something for him if he starts lighting it up.