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NBA Draft 2015: Time, TV schedule, order and more

The NBA Draft begins at 7 p.m. ET tonight and there will be two, maybe three, Mountain West player who will here their name called.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is tonight and the Mountain West has a chance to hear three of its players called with UNLV's Rashad Vaughn and Chris Wood, plus Wyoming's Larry Nance, Jr.

The latest mock drafts have Vaughn as a first-round lock, Wood is slotted to be a late first-round to early second-round pick. Nance, if drafted, is likely to go 50 or later. None of these mock draft projections have any of these players going to the same team, plus there are almost always trades to factor in.

Stay tuned to our NBA Draft hub for news throughout the day and evening.

Date: Thursday, June 25

Time: 7 p.m. ET

Place: Barclays Center, Brooklyn


Online: WatchESPN

Draft order as of Thursday morning:

First Round
1. Minnesota
2. L.A. Lakers
3. Philadelphia
4. New York
5. Orlando
6. Sacramento
7. Denver
8. Detroit
9. Charlotte
10. Miami
11. Indiana
12. Utah
13. Phoenix
14. Oklahoma City
15. Atlanta (From Brooklyn)
16. Boston
17. Milwaukee
18. Houston (From New Orleans)
19. Washington
20. Toronto
21. Dallas
22. Chicago
23. Portland
24. Cleveland
25. Memphis
26. San Antonio
27. L.A. Lakers (From Houston)
28. Boston (From L.A. Clippers)
29. Brooklyn (From Atlanta)
30. Golden State

Second Round
31. Minnesota
32. Houston (From New York)
33. Boston (From Philadelphia via Miami)
34. L.A. Lakers
35. Philadelphia (From Orlando)
36. Minnesota (From Sacramento via Houston)
37. Philadelphia (From Denver via Houston, Portland and Minnesota)
38. Detroit
39. Charlotte
40. Miami
41. Brooklyn
42. Utah
43. Indiana
44. Phoenix
45. Boston
46. Milwaukee
47. Philadelphia (From New Orleans via Washington and L.A. Clippers)
48. Oklahoma City
49. Washington
50. Atlanta (From Toronto)
51. Orlando (From Chicago)
52. Dallas
53. Cleveland (From Portland via Chicago and Denver)
54. Utah (From Cleveland)
55. San Antonio
56. New Orleans (From Memphis)
57. Denver (From L.A. Clippers)
58. Philadelphia (From Houston)
59. Atlanta
60. Philadelphia (From Golden State via Indiana)