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NBA Mock Drafts: Rashad Vaughn a first round lock

The NBA Draft is upon us, and it appears one Mountain West player will hear his name called within the first 30 picks.

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Rashad Vaughn tore his meniscus late in his freshman season at UNLV. The injury coupled with Vaughn’s perceived lack of hyper athleticism saw him fall to a second-round prospect at the end of the season.

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But now that Vaughn has had a chance to fully heal and work out for individual teams, he has risen up the mock drafts. The 18-year-old shooting guard finds himself in everybody’s first round.

RV Mocks

(These are the mock drafts that don’t require a subscription or clicking through a slide show)

That’s an average landing spot of 23, a few picks clear of the second round. It’s even inside the $1 million salary cut off from the NBA Rookie Scale for next season. Picks 26-30 will make between $943,000 and $991,6000 next season, while the 25th pick will be slotted at just over $1 million. The 17th pick is scaled for $1,444,200 next season.

Vaughn’s teammate, Chris Wood, has seen his stock fall since the season ended and workouts began. Wood has the height, athleticism and potential shooting stroke to intrigue NBA teams. But he was criticized by UNLV fans for not giving maximum effort for entire games, and that may be what’s to blame for his drop.

CW Mocks

Wood should still hear his name call, but the forward may not be bringing in as much money in his first contract as he anticipated.

The other Mountain West player that has a shot at being drafted is Wyoming’s Larry Nance.

LN Mocks

Nance finds his name among most mock drafts but within the last 10 picks. There’s a chance he could fall out of the draft, but he would still have the ability to join a team for the Summer League and try to make a roster that way.

Boise State’s Derrick Marks and Colorado State’s J.J. Avila won’t hear their names called tonight, but two of the best offensive players in the conference will probably get a shot during Summer League as well