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New Mexico Baseball for 2016? Could be Loaded

The Lobos have at least one great recruit coming in and return a trio of freshmen AAs. Most teams are lucky to have one. How might this affect the balance of power in the MWC in 2016? Read on.

Coach Birmingham is feeling pretty good right about now.
Coach Birmingham is feeling pretty good right about now.
New Mexico Athletics

Take a look at New Mexico

Ok, the draft is complete. Uh, the MWC is not represented in the CWS. It's the usual suspects in the CWS, in fact. So, what does an old curmudgeon like me have to do? Hey, if you read the comic strip Pickles, that old guy is me.

I just received the latest issue of Collegiate Baseball and it's the one where they name their college as well as high school all-Americans. It is one of my favorite issues. Here's what I found; New Mexico could be a national power for the next two or three years. Why? They had three freshmen AA, that's why. Catcher Cory Voss (.345 and 5), third baseman Carl Stajduhar (.322 and 9), and pitcher Tyler Stevens (5-4 and 3.44).

But wait, there's more. They also signed a high school AA from Colorado by the name of Cole Anderson (.405 and 7). You've heard me before, Colorado has a ton of talent that tends to leave the state because only Northern Colorado and Air Force play D1 ball. I don't know why more teams don't come and recruit this state. Actually, I do know. It costs public school programs too much to recruit players from out of state. With private schools it doesn't matter, tuition will be horrid no matter where you're from. I guess the UNM coach has the support of the AD and other concerned parties. I should ask him if he wants to save a dime and stay at my house while scouting. That'd be cool with me but I'm sure the NCAA would take a dim view of that.

Also, the Lobos have only four seniors that will be leaving the program. That's good for them. They have two juniors who were drafted; pitcher Toller Boardman (22nd round) and infielder Sam Haggerty (24th). I assume they'll both sign but you never know at that round or below. If they returned, that would give the Lobos two very good starting pitchers (I'm counting the freshman AA) and, the way they hit? Good night, nurse.