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David Quessenberry vows to return to the NFL after surviging cancer

David Quessenberry, former Spartan and current Texan, is fighting more than just a roster spot.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This story is nothing short of incredible.

David Quessenberry, the former San Jose State Spartans offensive lineman, had his life turned upside down at a very young age. At 23 years old, Quessenberry was diagnosed with cancer, just after his first season with Houston Texans. Hoping to earn a spot as one of the teams backup offensive linemen -- his rookie season he didn't see the field due to a foot injury after being drafted out of San Jose State in the sixth round of the 2013 draft -- he was trying to find his way back to hopefully seeing some play time for the first time as a Texan.

However, he was struck with terrible news.

He was diagnosed with a type of Lymphoma cancer. He has since vowed to make a comeback. Even during his chemotherapy and blood tests, he was still dedicated to learning the game and sticking with it. He would stay around the Texans facilities and watch game film whenever he could. Just so he could learn and know that much more when the time came for him to suit back up. If it ever came, that is.

"This is a tough guy," Texans coach Bill O'Brien said. "This is a guy that went out there and practiced three or four times last year with cancer. Before he was diagnosed, he was fighting through what he thought was probably some type of flu, cold or something."

It's looking like that time is coming, though. Now he is a survivor of this deadly disease that tried to take much more away from him than just football. Now he is trying to work his body back in to football shape and don that No. 77 once again for the Texans. Now he is an inspiration to every player on that Texans team.

"I will be back out there," Quessenberry told the Houston Chronicle, in early June. "That will be a special day. I've been through a lot. That's something that's been a vision of mine throughout this whole process."

I would highly recommend reading the entire story, which can be found here.