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Utah State announces TV spots for UofU, Washington games

Utah State University increases its national coverage with the announcement of two more nationally televised games against their 2015 PAC 12 foes.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State University has their TV stations locked in for two more of their games this year, according to KSL's Jeremiah Jensen. The Aggies will be playing two PAC 12 schools this season, and both were able to make it onto decent channels.

The first of the two announced games, played at the University of Utah on September 11th at 7pm MT, will air on ESPN 2. The second, played at Washington on September 19th at 3pm MT, will air on the PAC 12 Network. This brings the total of nationally televised games for USU to thirteen (because of course the MWC Championship game and the bowl game will both be televised nationally...), or eleven if we're only counting regular season games; the only game yet to reach a national carrier is the home opener against Southern Utah (and let's face it, that one will never be televised outside of Utah markets). Thirteen sounds better, though, so I might stick with that.

Regardless, the level of exposure for USU this year is unprecedented, and is another mark of accomplishment to highlight the Aggies' success in recent years under former coach Gary Andersen and current coach Matt Wells. How well they perform with such a marked increase of national attention will in large part determine their future success.