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Daily Hike, June 18

Here is some light reading, and listening, for your daily hike this morning of Mountain West news.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Durkin of the San Jose Mercury News gives an update on the Spartans offseason, plus a new name in the quarterback race.

Former Colorado State head coach Jim McEewain is helping out a former player by donating $5,000 for help with funeral costs.

Get an advanced look of San Diego State's new football practice facility.

What the Mountain West would have looked like if the Pac-16 really happened.

Mountain West

Outgoing: Air Force, BYU, TCU, Utah

Incoming: Fresno State, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, NMSU, San Jose State, Utah State

Divisions: West (Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, SDSU, SJSU, UNLV), Mountain (Colorado State, Idaho, New Mexico, NMSU, Utah State, Wyoming)

Top 5 teams in 2014: No. 52 Utah State (M), No. 64 Nevada (W), No. 76 SDSU (W), No. 94 New Mexico (M), No. 102 Fresno State (W)

UNLV land an offensive lineman form California to add to its 2016 class