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New Mexico Basketball: Lobo great Darrell McGee passes away

On Saturday McGee passed away at the age of 47.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While New Mexico Lob fans are set to celebrate some of the greatest players of the last 15 years on June 28th, they will also now celebrate the life of one of the greatest point guards to ever step foot on Bob King Court. Darrell McGee passed away on Saturday at the age of 47. McGee who played for the Lobos from 1986-1990 graduated as the teams all-time leading assist leader. He also set the single season record with 243 during his junior season.

McGee had been living in a nursing home in Houston since 2012 when had suffered a stroke. Since that time his condition seemed to get worse until Saturday when he died from complications from a stroke. He leaves behind a wife Sharon Jackson McGee and a son Eautrell McGee. If Lobo fans want to contribute to McGee’s funeral expenses they can do so by visiting their Go Fund Me page.