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Utah State to release contract with Maverik per Records Committee

The contract for Utah State's deal with Maverik was under pressure on Thursday with the media wanting the details of the contract released, in some fashion.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State and Maverik recently agreed to a naming rights deal for 21 years, but the financial details were not disclosed. The latter is why there was a hearing on Thursday with Utah State, Maverik and the Herald Journal News. The Herald News Journal wanted financial details of the contract reveled, and filed a GRAMA request to find those details.

There will be a more detailed post in the very near future as our own Parker Robertson was at the meeting and had conversations with people there. In the mean time here is a detailed play-by-play on Twitter.

We will start with what actually happened and it was announced that the state records committee rules that Utah State must release its contract with Maverik to the public.  This is not over as Utah State will have 30 days to appeal this decision.

Here are the quick hits, and we start with a shameless plug.