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2015 MLB Draft: Which Mountain West commitments were selected?

The recent conclusion of the draft isn't only about players who have to decide to move on or stay another year.

The Aztecs may be affected more than any MWC team if recruits decide to go pro.
The Aztecs may be affected more than any MWC team if recruits decide to go pro.

The MLB Draft isn't just about building the future of the 30 professional teams.

To a certain degree, the futures of each Mountain West program are at stake, as well. A fair number of recruits from the incoming Class of 2015 had their name called during the three-day affair, including four within the first dozen rounds. Like junior athletes within the college ranks, all of these players now have a tough decision to make: Do you chase the professional dream now or fulfill a college commitment? (Note: This may not be a complete list, though it is compiled with the assistance of Perfect Game)

Player Name Position College Commitment MLB Team Round (Pick #)
James Terrell III OF Fresno State Oakland Athletics 11 (338)
Ruben Cardenas CF Nevada Miami Marlins 37 (1,106)
Donnie Sands 3B/SS New Mexico New York Yankees 8 (243)
Jonas Wyatt RHP San Diego State Cleveland Indians 6 (184)
Shane Potter 1B San Diego State Tampa Bay Rays 29 (868)
Gilbert Suarez RHP San Diego State Atlanta Braves 18 (540)
Imani Abdullah RHP San Diego State Los Angeles Dodgers 11 (342)
Jordan Verdon 3B San Diego State New York Mets 24 (719)
Samuel Pastrone RHP UNLV Los Angeles Angels 17 (525)

The negotiations between player and team will be worth watching for nearly every team in the conference in the coming weeks, with the deadline coming in mid-July.